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Fresh Produce Displays

We are an Adelaide company supplying fresh produce displays and storage solutions nationally and internationally, with the support of our distributor network.

We design, custom make, manufacture & import a comprehensive range of products to service all the Fresh Produce Industries, keeping their products in top condition so that they retain their appeal while on display on the supermarket shelf. Over the years our friendly team has developed a wealth of knowledge in the fruit, vegetable meat and bakery industries, and we continue to stay current with developments in the preservation and display of fresh food.

We proudly offer:

  • excellent customer service
  • custom design & manufacture
  • in-house production facilities
  • a complete range of "off-the-shelf" products

Whether it is 'off the shelf' or custom made, made in our own Adelaide factory or commissioned from overseas, we guarantee everything we sell.

We are constantly adding to our range with new fresh produce display products, designed by our in-house design team and manufactured in our factory or by sourcing quality products from our reliable overseas manufacturers.

Customers for our food display supplies include large supermarket chains, independent supermarkets, deli’s, bakers and fruit & veg stores.

Fresh Produce Displays is your one stop shop for all your fruit display needs. To discuss them, and find out how our food display systems can transform your fresh produce business, call us on (08) 8347 4880